Frequently asked questions

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Rent an apartment with us

What are the conditions for renting an apartment?

An apartment can be rented by any adult (or group of people), after going through a verification process - of one's identity, income and credit history. Verification is conducted through SimpleRent.

What documents do I need to have to rent an apartment?

Polish citizens must present proof of identity. Foreigners must present a Passport and, if they have one, a PESEL number.

Can I live with a dog or cat?

Tenants with pets are welcome, but we remind you to follow the Rules of Residents. The tenant is responsible for the behavior of the animals.

How many sets of apartment keys will I receive?

Each tenant receives 2 sets of keys to the apartment and a letterbox key. An additional set of keys can be ordered by the Tenant at the Rental Office (there is an additional fee).

Can I register in a rented apartment?

Any person who is a tenant or a minor child residing together may be registered in a rented apartment for a fixed period not longer than the concluded rental agreement. To register, go to the District Office responsible for the building with the rental agreement.

Lease agreement

In what form is the lease agreement concluded?

Our tenants sign an institutional lease, and its provisions depend on the outcome of the verification.

For what period is the contract concluded?

We conclude contracts for a minimum period of 12 months. If you wish to contract for a shorter period, please contact the Rental Office at the location of your choice.

How is the rental agreement secured?

At the conclusion of the contract, the tenant is required to pay a deposit, purchase renter's liability insurance for the duration of the contract (renter's liability also covers damage caused by animals) and purchase rental insurance (the amount of the premium depends on the result of the verification).

What is a bail bond?

Deposit is a deposit collected by the landlord for any utility billing or damage caused to the rented apartment. The deposit is not the last month's rent, it is settled at the end of the lease and returned to the tenant.

For most properties, the deposit is the equivalent of 1 month's fees (rent plus administrative fees and utility advances).

What makes up the monthly cost of renting an apartment?

Each month the tenant - by the 10th of the month - pays: Rent (income of the Landlord), Administrative fees (these are the costs of maintaining the common parts of the building - i.e. cleaning, security and individual internet in the units), Utilities advance (estimated fee for cold and hot water, sewage disposal, heating, garbage disposal) - it is settled 2 times a year or at the end of the contract. Electricity charges are paid by the tenant on an ongoing basis based on invoices received.

The standard of our estates

How are the apartments equipped?

Our apartments are equipped with built-in kitchen appliances (refrigerator with freezer, dishwasher, induction hob, hood, oven), bathroom with shower or bathtub and washing machine. The rooms are furnished with movable furniture - a table with chairs, a sofa with a sleeping function, a coffee table, a chest of drawers for the TV. In the bedrooms, beds with a mattress, a capacious closet and bedside tables.

Does the apartment have a kettle, kitchen equipment (pots, dishes, small appliances), linens and towels?

Our apartments are intended for long-term rental and do not have such equipment.

Can I rent a parking space and/or storage unit?

We offer parking spaces and storage units for rent, their rental is not mandatory. Inquire about availability at the Rental Office.

Is internet available in the apartments or can I connect it?

In apartments there is individual access to the Internet. Ask about its parameters in the Rental Office. With us, the internet is included in the rental price.

Fault in the apartment - what next?

What repairs and maintenance activities does the tenant perform on its own?

The tenant on his own:

  • regularly cleans the filters (in the dishwasher, washing machine, hood and in the mechanical fans in the apartment*/if any)
  • takes care of the patency and cleanliness of the drains in the shower/bathtub, sink and washbasin
  • replaces burned out light bulbs
  • takes care of the vegetation in the garden, if he rents a property with a garden (trims the grass and other plants, watering in periods of drought)
Washing machine or dishwasher does not work properly (the selected program does not turn on)
  1. check if the device is connected from electricity/water
  2. clean all filters in the device
    If the filters are clean, the device is connected to water and electricity - and the equipment still does not turn on the selected program - contact us.
The refrigerator and/or freezer has stopped cooling
  1. Defrost and wash the entire refrigerator (remove all ice from the freezer)
  2. turn the device on again

If after removing ice from the freezer, the refrigerator will not start cooling - contact us.

There is no electricity in the premises, and it is in other apartments and in the stairwell
  1. check that the fuses on the premises switchboard are on (all raised up)
  2. check whether the fuses at the meter are on (if not, ask Building Security for help). If the fuse at the meter is off and sealed with a seal - under no circumstances should it be moved. In this case, a Technician from the Electricity Provider must arrive.
  3. Make sure you have paid all bills from the Electricity Provider. Reconnection of electricity in case of arrears involves additional charges, which will be charged to the tenant of the premises.
What to do if the premises are flooded?

In case of flooding of the premises, the tenant is obliged to act to limit the damage - both to his own belongings and to the equipment of the premises. You should immediately turn off the water in the premises (next to the water meters) and contact our office. In case of flooding coming from neighboring premises or from outside the building, the tenant should immediately report the flooding to the building reception or to the administrator.

If the floor is flooded with water from the shower - the tenant is obliged to clean the shower drain and remove the consequences of flooding.

Termination of the lease agreement

The lease ends, what's next?

If you want to stay in the apartment longer, contact the Rental Office, we will set the conditions for renewal of the lease.

How to prepare the premises for transfer?

The tenant is obliged to return the premises in an undisturbed condition, which means that the premises are to be thoroughly cleaned. Please remove all belongings, packaging and empty - the garbage cans in the kitchen and bathroom, remove all items from balconies, gardens, storage cells and parking spaces. Failure to complete the final cleaning will result in our ordering a cleaning service and charging the tenant for the cleaning costs.

When can I expect my deposit back?

The deposit will be settled within 30 days of the surrender of the premises, after accounting for utility consumption and valuation of any damages.